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Quality Toolbox and Observatory


Toolbox-Logo   Quality Toolbox & Observatory

The Thematic Commission on Quality Assurance consists of experts in mobility.

In the first year of this Thematic Commission (2012) good practices from all educational sectors

were collected to find out what is done in the field of quality assurance in previous mobility initiatives,

and the “Quality Observatory & Toolbox” was produced.


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Europemobility Benchmarking Club

eu flags

eu flags   Europemobility Benchmarking Club

The “Benchmarking Club for quality in mobility” had started in 2012 and consisted of practitioners in mobility from different educational sectors and provided a mutual learning experience. Key areas of quality of placement mobility were addressed, assuming that the potential of placement mobility for the extension of cooperation between educational organizations and enterprises had not been fully realized yet.

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Quality Development Tool


Quality-tool-Logo  Quality Development Tool

The “Quality Development Tool” is an important working tool to get insight in the state of the art of quality assurance for mobility of sending and intermediary organizations. In context of peer-learning groups, that will be created in November 2013, the Quality Development Tool turns from an individual quality assurance exercise into a peer-learning-tool. The tool further develops the practical learning mobility program of the peer-learning-participants.


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 Peer-learning-Bild  Peer-learning club

The Europembobiltiy peer-learning club gives experts and practitioners in mobility the chance to exchange on quality assurance in practical learning mobility. The aim is to create a mutual learning experience and to allow exchange between practitioners in mobility from different educational sectors.

In January 2014 the first peer-learning club started its activity. 
Join the online kick off meeting of the new club on 21-02-2014 at 10.00 am!!
Please contact the facilitator of this group Pauline van den Bosch!



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