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Funding schemes for international mobility

Funding schemes

This guidebook collects the most effective, used and attainable funding opportunities available at national, trans-national and international levels. The study examined three important aspects of funding schemes – functionality, impact, innovations – as they arise in the case studies provided by different mobility coordinators. More specifically, the guide deepened the following issues: What available funding […]

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Cooperation models between the business world and educational providers


This publication on Cooperation Models highlits encompasses a broad sense of input and is meant for every sector and education. The cooperation between business in the labour market and learners in a (formal) education period can be seen as dual-apprenticeships, internships, work placements, lectures, or even the influence of business representatives in the development of […]

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The Validation of Learning Mobility. A tool to support and promote the validation and recognition of learning mobility abroad

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Increasing the transparency of qualifications is an essential step in European lifelong learning policy to facilitate greater flexibility in individual learning pathways, thus fostering learner mobility both on an institutional and geographical level. Efforts have been undertaken by the Member States to connect their national qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), a process that […]

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