Europemobility Quality Development Tool

The Quality Development Tool is based on the Quality Charter for sending and intermediary organizations. It can be used individually to get insight in the state of the art of quality assurance for the process of sending learners abroad in your own organization, it can help you with setting up a quality assurance system, but the full potential of the tool would be exploited within the Europemobility community of coordinators of practical learning mobility. Thus the Quality Development Tool turns from an individual quality assurance exercise into a peer-learning-tool to further develop the practical learning mobility program of the organizations of the “peer-learning- club”. Engaging in a peer-learning group allows furthermore establishing useful contacts, which might turn into strategic partnerships.

The quality charter comprises of four parts, related to the four phases of quality assurance. For each phase, the most important criteria and elements are listed. The quality tool is based on that charter and designed as a questionnaire – by completing this questionnaire an organization can indicate its own progress in the implementation of each of the criteria and elements. Action points are based on those criteria and can have the status “Not started”, “In progress”, “Implemented” and “Documented/audited”. If you want to engage in a peer-learning group, please indicate the respective action point/s as your “peer-learning priority/ies”. This can be an action point, which has not started yet to be implemented and you want to exchange with colleagues your strategies to start the implementation or it could be an action point, which you have already implemented but you seek to exchange with other experienced colleagues for further development.


Quality Development Tool




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