Peer Learning Club learner organizes a prizing ceremony for linguistic skills in occasion of the European Day of Languages

Seventy students of Istituto Luigi Einaudi, a VET school in Pistoia in commercial and social sectors, have been prized on 4th October 2014 for their commitment and success in the development of linguistic skills in occasion of a ceremony organised in the framework of the European Day of Languages.

The event focused on mobility students acting like Ambassadors in presenting their mobility experiences (two or three weeks traineeship in Düsseldorf and in Chambéry) and strongly encouraging their peers present in the hall to seize the amazing opportunity of transnational learning; they received the certificate for the learning of the German language and the Europass Mobility certificate for the learning of the French language. The students of the third class received their certificate for the participation to project Intercultura ‘Valorization of the Multilinguism’ of the Province of Pistoia; the students of Spanish received the DELE A2 certifications, the students of French withdrew their Delf A2 or B1 cetification and the students of English had their A2 or B1 Cambridge Certificates. The internationalization of Istituto Einaudi will go on also for the next year. Given the limited financial resources, a key for the organization and success of mobility activities is the great dedication of teachers and the expertise of the school Team, next to parents’ support of their children and to financial aid, like in this case with the involvement of the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia.

Marie-France Salmond, who actively contributed to the organization of the event, is a French teacher working at Istituto Einaudi, who has started a few years ago the experience of sending students abroad and hosting them in Italy. Mrs Salmond decided to participate in the Peer Learning Club cycles September-November 2014 of ‘Quality in Mobility’ with a view to better organize the next sending of students due to take place in January 2015. “I am very happy to be part of this transnational peer learning experience – said Marie-France – and to have the opportunity to hear the experiences and problems faced by other colleagues all around Europe. It is so stimulating and enriching! …and it is very comfortable to sit at a PC and go through all this!” As a teacher with no unlimited experience, Mrs Salmond particularly appreciated the Quality Development Tool that served to highlight the positive and negative aspects in the organization of the mobility.20141004 121938 1

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