Matteo Gazzarata

With a background in Rights of the European Union ad international Relations, he works since 2004 as a project manager for a
number of institution both public and private with the tasks of managing the complete project plan and supervising the correct
execution of the various aspects of project implementation process, leading towards the achievement of the envisaged results.
Expertise has been acquired mostly on FP7th, Lifelong Learning Programme and Progress. Being an expert in certification and
transparency of qualifications he also is a Member of the ECVET CoP and assists the Italian/German National Groups of Experts,
as well as the ECVET Team, in developing the necessary conditions for a proper use and integration of transparency tools into VET
systems. By appointment of the Italian Ministry of Labour he also participates in the ECVET Users Group workshops to foster the
use and knowledge of the various tools, as well in policy reforms.

AFP Colline Astigiane
EU Funded Projects Manager


Presentation Matteo Gazzarata

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