Luca Frongia

Gianluca Massimiliano Frongia born in Cagliari on 19th August of 1976.

 After his studies in the Commercial Technical Institute “P. Martini”,  he graduated in the Faculty of Social Science with a Master in International Relations focused  in cooperation between Youth NGOs and Public Institutions, in the University of Cagliari.

Afterwards he started to work as a consultant in Cagliari’s Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, as President and founder of Associazione TDM 2000, he developed  local and international activities within European, National and Regional Programmes, together with the board and the group of local volunteers of the organization.

Nowadays he’s expert in the field of entrepreneurship and social responsibility, project writing and management, financial management, mobility programmes and youth participation, non-formal education and recognition of non-formal competencies.

As a freelance trainer, he is also responsible for the management of logical flow, program and workshops and learning process of participants.

Moreover he is hosting entrepreneur within the Programme “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”, priced by the European Commission, in October 2012, as second best hosting entrepreneur.

TDM 2000


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