Gotzone Sagardui Goikoetxea

Gotzone Sagardui Goikoetxea is Director of Labour Activation in the Basque Public Employment Service since 2013. She has
worked as manager of Bizkaia Campus in the Basque Country University and as chief health care area at the socio sanitary health
centre of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia. She has been manager at the faculty of fine arts as well as part of the technical
teaching staff at the Basque Country University. Gotzone Sagardui Goikoetxea holds a Doctor Degree in Medicine in the Basque
Country University, a Master’s degree in Prevention of Labour Risks and a Master’s degree in Management.

Lanbide-Basque Goverment
Labour Activation Director



Presentation Gotzone Sagardui Goikoetxea

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