Bettina Reuter

German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Since 2002 work for the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Germany predominantly in the field of the European Social
Fund. Involved in the development and implementation of ESF programmes and strategies for transnational cooperation for the
current structural fund period and 2014-2020. Since 2008 Coordination of European Learning networks, currently the LN on
Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults. Bettina Reuter has extensive business experiences
in the field of Evaluation, Human Resources, Controlling and Organization in the private and public sector. Bettina holds an MA in
German language and literature, Philosophy and Education and an MBA with main subject “European Management”.

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Germany
Policy Officer – ESF Unit, Implementation of Programmes 


Presentation Bettina Reuter

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