Quality Label for Host Organization

Quality Label for Host Organizations can be used by Mobility Coordinators to reward all those public and private bodies interested in and willing to cooperate within transnational learning mobility schemes. Europemobility Network Quality Label for Host Organizations certifies that the Host Organization provides the foreign mobile learners with a safe, relevant and stimulating learning environment. The focus is on the educational process and therefore the Quality Label is issued when the Host Organization makes available an internal tutor capable to implement appropriate induction and on-going mentoring/tutoring/coaching activities. As a prerequisite, a written Training/Learning Agreement is produced before the start of the practical experience or work placement, detailing the learning outcomes to be attained and assessed within the mobility period. Quality of Host Organizations is an essential element and, in some ways, a bottleneck, of mobility schemes and establishing a network of such organizations may contribute to boost the potential of transnational work-based learning. 

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