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Create an international network among University Colleges, promote cultural and academic exchanges between European students and encourage active citizenship among young people: this is the vision that EucA, the European University College Association, carries forward throughout Europe and beyond in order to promote the excellence of the complementary education focused on soft skills acquisition of University Colleges.

Formally established in 2008, it represents around 30 thousand students and 194 halls of residence in ten countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Hungary and United Kingdom). Established with the aim of enriching the academic and professional development of students through non-formal and informal activities, EucA carries out projects and initiatives to promote academic merit, international mobility and the development of a responsible citizenship. The objective is to complement students’ academic education with a personalised educational project focused on the acquisition of soft skills.

Based in Brussels, EucA coordinates activities along three lines of action:

· supporting Colleges of the association in their educational opportunities offered to students by facilitating participation in international activities, assisting with project proposals, and informing on the latest EU policies and strategies regarding Higher Education;

· promoting international and intercollegiate quality mobility of university students related to themes on European integration and soft skills achievement;

· implementing dialogue and cooperation between European institutions and civil society for a better understanding and dissemination of the collegiate model in Europe as a best practice for a integral and high quality education for students.

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