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INFREP is a vocational training centre created in 1982 and which is specialized in training public with low level of qualification. It yearly receives more than 20 000 learners and realizes over 2 millions hours of training. INFREP, with its 30 agencies present in France and its 350 trainers, is involved in a quality process notably taking shape through the ISO 9001 label. Infrep developed a recognized know-how in the development of training for trainers, specifically in the field of low-skilled learners’ training, which main final objective is to facilitate social and professional insertion as well as autonomy and self determination of these target groups. INFREP offers training to young people wanting to get a diploma through apprenticeship, in several professional sectors. It also trains employees working in companies or public institutions and offers vocational guidance to those who want to rethink their career. Beside INFREP provides training in the frame of the public employment policies, towards job seekers who need to develop new skills and / or to be helped in their job research.


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