The Peer Learning Club “Quality in Mobility” has just started! The first session took place on 3 September 2014 and saw the animated participation of people active in mobility actions in higher education, VET and informal and non formal education. Its main focus was the introduction of the Quality Development Tool as a self-assessment instrument to judge own procedures adopted in mobility actions and to stimulate debate on possible improvements, through the interaction with other colleagues’ experiences and inputs.

The Peer Learning Club, animated by Stefano Tirati from CSCS as Europemobility project coordinator, and Pauline van den Bosch from EVTA, foresees two additional meetings on 8 October and 5 November 2014, from 10 until 12 am CET. They will start by examining the outcomes of the Quality Development Tool as filled in by the participants and will discuss the “learning priorities” that participants chose to address. These priorities will form the basis of an exchange that will be mutually beneficial to all the parties involved.



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