2013 Edition of Europemobility Video Contest

Video Contest

Second edition of the Video Contest for 2013 has organized the Award Ceremony in Brussels within the framework of Europemobility Network International Conference.

Over 110 delegates from 20 countries attended the conference which gave the opportunity to mobility coordinators, responsible for conceiving and implementing work placements abroad, to share views on the new Erasmus+.

In addition to the 6 nominations from Europe, 2013 edition have made a special mention to Momal Mushtaq from Pakistan, who accomplished a practical experience in Germany.

Watch the videos of the 6 winners of 2013 in our Hall of Fame section.

If you wish to watch all video entries of 2013 edition of Europemobility Video Contest, you may access here the official web site: www.europemobility.tv/2013

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