Quality Assurance of Foreign Placement in Europe





Brief descprition

QAFP: “Quality Assurance in Foreign Placements in Europe” and aims to develop a model for accreditation of placement companies in Europe and to establish sustainable cooperation of accreditation agencies in Europe for the food and environment sector.

The project has the following aims:

  • Developing a model for accreditation of placement companies with common criteria and common procedure among the European partners;
  • Establishing sustainable cooperation between accreditation agencies, resulting in a network of accreditation companies (bureaus / agencies / etc.);
  • Monitoring companies and the quality of work based learning;
  • Increasing the number of accredited companies for placements in the green sector in Europe;
  • Establishing a common model for recognition of practical training / learning outcomes;
  • Improving the quality to increase the volume of mobility;
  • Increasing the co-operation between institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities, enterprises, social partners and other relevant bodies throughout Europe;
  • Facilitating the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education;


Scope of cooperation

Joint promotional activities and educational measures to raise the quality and quantity of work placements abroad.

QAFP have declared the willingness to share with the Europemobility Network the following resources:

  • promotional activities
  • joint workshops or conferences
  • exploitation of tools for learning mobility
  • joint publications
  • mutual membership


For further information

Contact person: Jos Paulusse 

Web site: www.qplacement.eu

About the Author: Stefano Tirati

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