EU-Morocco inter-parliamentary commission addressed by EUMN dissemination at Eu Parliament

The sixth of December 2013 at the EU Parliament, the Moroccan co-president of EU-Morocco inter-parliamentary commission, Abderrahim Atmoun, has met the EUMN representative, Giovanni Crisonà, CSCS president and Emanuela Atzori, for the Sardinia Regional Employment Office, who have introduced the EUMN initiatives and programme.

EUMN representatives, wishing to stimulate an high level political debate on mobility, have addressed the Moroccan co-president, Abderrahim Atmoun with the value of mobility for learning approach and starting from the recent  inter-parliamentary commission discussion, held about the need to build a sort of working group for the implementation of the mobility partnership between EU and Morocco, have described the high level results of the EUMN Thematic Commissions and the initiatives organized by EUMN consortium. The Moroccan co-president, Abderrahim Atmoun, said that he will be pleased to carry on the contacts with EUMN consortium to establish possible new initiatives. EUMN implementation in Morocco could be a really advantage for many young Moroccans who could come, study and work in EU countries and then return to their home and EUMN is a very good opportunity that could be easily joined by Moroccan schools and Institutions.

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