visit to CSMC in Tianjin province, China to set up new collaborations within EUMN initiatives

During the promotional initiatives organized by the EU project Capacity Building for Lifelong Learning Programme in China, Mr. Giovanni Crisonà, has done, in the beginning of November 2013, an official visit to the VET Center CSMC in Tianjin Province. During the visit Mr Crisonà introduced Chinese counterpart to EUMN initiatives and presented the EUMN platform to share experiences on mobility and to experiment a collaborative Sino-European partnership to raising quality and quantity of work placements between China and Europe.











“The potentials are very important for both sides”, Mr Crisonà said “and the prerequisites are real and right to bring on the collaboration from wishes and potentials to concrete actions. We have found a very positive welcome and the interest for EUMN initiatives has been higher than our initial expectations. The school organization and their potentials we have discovered in this visit with the meetings with the Direction of the school, with the professors and the Board of Directors, are very impressive and are a very appropriate base to build up solid agreements and further successes. We are now already collaborating with an ongoing initiative on innovation management models, but we wish to increase our engagement with CSMC for mobility because they are a very fresh and active reality and because they have expressed high interest to experiment this collaboration”.

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