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Welcome to the Europemobility Peer Learning Club platform!

Exchange with mobility coordinators about best practices in organizing learning mobility.
Define your learning priorities via the “Quality Development Tool”. Identify your own
plan and profit from the know-how of the peer-coaching group.

Peer Learning

Establish useful contacts, which might turn into strategic partnerships
(e.g. funded by the Erasmus +programme) at the end.

Thematic Planning


1. During the kick-off meeting on January 31st the group agreed to deal with the following peer-learning priority:

Phase 1: planning
Communication and contact with host organizations:

– communication with host organisation;
– procedure on how to select quality host organisations; 
– how to identify and contact host organisations? (is there a database?)
– how to deal with intermediary organisation (commercial, non-profit)

See the report and presentation slides of the meeting in the file’s section!

Here you find the recordings of the record of the meeting (just follow the link and enter the passcode)
First session passcode: ppp670
Second session passcode: ppp671

2. In the second on-line meeting on March 21st 2014 partners shared good practices in the area of
“communication and contact with host organizations”

– partners introduced aspects/projects of their organization dealing with the topic/learing priority – like EU Move, Letter for the mentor, guidelines for workplacements and tutors

See the report and all presentation slides (including the ones of the partners) in the file’s section!

Please subscribe to our forum to follow the discussions on our topic!

3. In the third on-line meeting on May 28 2014 the action plan by one of the partners was discussed.

– participants agreed that the “letter to the mentor” is a very useful tool, worth to be adapted to other educational sectors such as VET.

– participants also shared experiences about the Europass and agreed that other types of certificates are more important for students than this. Furthermore it seems that the experience of practical learnign abroad as such is more important for learners than the formal recognition of that learning period by their home educational systems. In case of the example presented students receive

a) an evaluation of their perfomance by the host organisation (a template is provided but companies can also use own documents)

b) a certificate (quality label) about the participation in an Erasmus programme coordinated by an EUM member

c) a certificate about the successful participation in an accompanying intercultural key skill training (see e.g. the online erasmus academy)

See the presentation slides of the meeting!

You can download the recording of the meeting: Recording of 3rd- on-line meeting

Next steps:

1. Until the next (4th) on-line meeting collect experiences and questions you want to discuss with peers about quality aspects in the implementation of your mobility programmes, please share your strategies and activities to improve the quality of your tools, methods and organisational structures.

We will publish the Doodle poll for the meeting soon.

Anyway the EUM on-line community allows you to stay in touch with your peer-learners after the end of the peer learning group activity.


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Background Documents

Quality Development Tool

The tool is the starting point for the peer-learning activity. It provides an overview about all relevant criteria of quality assurance in practical learning mobility. Via this tool participants can indicate their learning priorities. Finally, the tool can be used to develop the own system of quality assurance.
Please use your personal URL to access the tool and view your results (if you have not received a personal URL yet, please contact Eva-Maria

Quality Observatory & Toolbox

The toolbox is a collection of good practices, with criteria, methodologies and indicators for
quality assurance in mobility. It enables users to select the elements which are relevant for their context and it creates awareness around the entire framework and its principles of quality assurance in mobility.

You can find the “Quality Observatory & Toolbox” in the file’s section.


Club member profiles


Unione degli assessorati (Angela Cristofalo)
Angela Princi
Ludo Couwels
Vasiliki Tsekoura
Noémi Nyst (Jose Manuel GV)
Johan Cleuren
Clarissa Plendl
Marién Pérez Lopéz
Francesca Pasini
Nathalie Brahimi
Carrie Townsend Jones
Esther Gonzales
Silvia Bellotti (Marlène Dupuis)
Karin Volpato



Eve-Laure Gay
Eva-Maria Kropp


Pauline van den Bosch
Thomas Berger


Europemobility Network

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