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Praxis Network


Brief descprition

PRAXIS, a European Network aiming to setup the European Center for Project/Internship Excellence.


Project/Internship course units are particularly relevant to engineering degrees. It is through this type of courses that students have the chance to practice their technical skills in a real-world-like setting and experience soft skills that are a key factor for employability.


Project/Internship courses might create an environment that is a unique cradle to forge students’ soft skills, such as team work, communication, initiative, focus. A Project/Internship is probably the most efficient way to improve these skills in students. Addressing and improving these skills efficiently and efficaciously is seldom done by any other type of instruction.


There are many distinct flavors of Project/Internship courses throughout the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This Project/Internship instruction type is very suited to the Bologna paradigm raising the interest of EHEA players into it. The purpose of the PRAXIS Thematic Network is to set a European dimension to this form of teaching/learning (Project/Internship).


One of PRAXIS’ goals is to set a European market for Project/Internships (PI) maximizing students’ chances to find a project course matching their needs and, at the same time, setting a place to deploy innovative project course units by making them visible and available to students. We expect to have a wide community of students, teachers, employers, research centers and higher education institutions using the European virtual market for PI.


Scope of cooperation

  • Sharing best practices among network members
  • Contributing to the raise of the quality and quantity of work placements abroad across Europe
  • Contributing to the International Community of Mobility Coordinators, the Thematic Commissions and the Awareness Raising Campagins promoted by the Europemobility Network 

For further information

Contact person:

Nuno Filipe Fonseca Vasconcelos Escudeiro, PRAXIS Network, Rua Dr. Bernardino de Almeida, 431 4200-072 Porto |


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