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Perfect Match



Brief descprition

Perfect Match – Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences (2012-2014)

When the right trainee is matched with the right company, all parties (the SME, the trainee, the sending organisation) gain the maximum benefits and the vocational education develops.

Intermediary organisations operating in the target country are needed to arrange high quality mobility experiences

The target groups of the project include SMEs, trainees and intermediary organisations (for instance: vocational training schools, chambers…) operating between the trainee and the SME


  • To develop tools for intermediary organisations that enable them to match the right trainees with the right SMEs
  • To create co-operation structures between the different actors
  • To encourage vocational schools, for instance, to become intermediary organisations
  • To encourage SMEs to host trainees from abroad
  • To raise awareness of the benefits of mobility in Europe

Scope of cooperation

  • Promotion of tools developed by Perfect Match, to improve the quality of work placements abroad among the members of Europemobility International Community of Mobility Coordinators via a dedicated web page on Europemobility web site
  • Joint workshops and/or conferences
  • Awareness raising campaigns about the benefits of mobility in Europe 

For further information

Contact person: Sirpa Uotila, international coordinator, IKATA Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design, |

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