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Brief descprition

During the work placement, learners put into practice what they have learned during their course. A work placement experience, however, requires more from learners: dealing with customers whilst being able to face and handle the difficulties that might occur in real working life. In other words: BEING PROFESSIONAL!

Therefore, by going abroad, learners will undergo a unique and rich experience: A broader vision of their future job and professional sector together with contacts with other cultures and languages! Transnational mobility not only promotes European labour market mobility, it also helps develop an awareness of “European citizenship” and fosters new international skills such as languages and intercultural competence and personal skills.

EU-Move is a web based portal FOR LEARNERS (in a working or learning context) who are interested in carrying out a work placement abroad as part of their vocational training or career. EU-Move is also developed FOR COMPANIES AND MENTORS who want to become a work placement company and who are willing to guide young people in their personal and professional development.

What can EU-Move do for you?

  • EU-Move provides services and tools for learners, VET providers and compa¬nies
  • EU-Move provides a database with quality work placements for trainees
  • EU-Move provides examples of good practices and experiences
  • EU-Move provides the opportunity to become a certified work placement company
  • EU-Move is built upon the principles of the European Quality Assurance Framework
  • EU-Move is supported by a network of “agents” all over Europe
  • EU-Move provides the opportunity for VET providers to become part of a European network


Scope of cooperation

  • Cooperation Models between educational providers and host companies
  • Quality Criteria for host companies
  • Competence profiles for mentors and company tutors
  • Procedures for assessing and accrediting host companies

For further information

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