Volunteers on the Move


arad Volunteers on the Move


Organizatia Studentilor of Arad, Romania


3 youngsters from Macedonia, Latvia and Turkey

Funding Scheme:

Youth In Action programme


To develop the awareness on eco-responsibility between the volunteers and the local community


Volunteers on the Move is a Youth in Action – European Voluntary Service project carried out by the NGO Organizatia Studentilor of Arad and involved 3 youngsters from Macedonia, Latvia and Turkey for an 8 months voluntary service in Romania. The theme of the project was environmental protection and European consciousness. The project objectives were: to develop among the three volunteers of mainly ecological entrepreneurial skills necessary to initiate the actions of eco-responsibility in the communities of origin; to raise awareness among local population in the city of Arad/Romania on the importance of protecting Ceala Forest and other public green spaces. The activity was mainly in joint teams of 2-3 people (volunteers and EVS volunteers Volunteer Center Arad County) and consisted of three categories of tasks: (a) local campaign to stimulate active participation of young actions to protect the natural values, (b) cleaning activities conducted in the area of Arad County public green spaces (forests, parks), (c) action of journalism. The main working methods have been interviews, audio, video photo story, consultation / public presentation, workshops, creative workshops, etc.


Organizatia Studentilor din Arad, Str. Horea, nr. 4, bl. H9, ap 3, Arad cod. 310117, Tel.0040 357 402 172, Email contact@osa-online.ro


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