Regional Operational Programme(ROP)


por Regional Operational Programme(ROP)


Tuscany Region, Italy


Pupils, apprentices, graduates, employed and unemployed people, entrepreneurs

Funding Scheme:

European Social Fund (ESF)


To address the unemployment in Tuscany


Tuscany Region through the Tuscan Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2007-2013 as part of the European Social Fund, promotes both individual/group mobility for specific targets (pupils, apprentices, graduates, employed and unemployed people, entrepreneurs, etc.) and sector mobility, related to a specific economic sector or production field with transnational vocation. The transnational mobility carried out through different actions aimed at extending: the number of bodies involved in the initiatives for the mobility of citizens and operators of the training and work system for the exchange of good practices, processes of innovation transfer and cooperation with other players of other countries of the European Union, actions for the creation of networks and partnerships of Social partners and businesses. In 2010 for example 36 projects have been submitted, 22 have been financed involving about 550 recipients (apprentices, unemployed, diploma holders, graduates, entrepreneurs, representatives of trade unions, civil servants). The available resources were 2,200,000 euro, all of them allocated. The ROP supports different kinds of actions addressed to various target groups: cooperation among businesses (meetings, visits, seminars) such as benchmarking, exchange of information, posts for work experience; cooperation among social partners (meetings, visits, seminars) such as exchange of best practices concerning economic development policies and trade union relationships management;  mobility of apprentices, students, graduates, i.e work experiences abroad.


Tuscany Region, Via V.Emanuele II 62/64-50134 FI-Villa Fabbricotti, Italy. Maria Dina Tozzi, Tel. 00390554382902, Email


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