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The “Quality Development Tool” is an important working tool to get insight in the state of the art of quality assurance for mobility of sending and intermediary organizations. In context of peer-learning groups, that will be created in November 2013, the Quality Development Tool turns from an individual quality assurance exercise into a peer-learning-tool. The tool further develops the practical learning mobility program of the peer-learning-participants.

The Quality Development Tool is based on the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) with four phases of quality assurance (Planning – Implementation – Evaluation – Improvement). The fourth phase leads directly to actions for improvement in the next coming phases, so it is a cyclic process.
The “Quality Development Tool” can help you with setting up a quality assurance system, but the full potential of the tool would be exploited within the Europemobility community of coordinators of practical learning mobility.
The online version of the “Quality Development Tool” is available for Europemobility Community members. You can see a preview of the tool in pdf here.



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