Europemobility Benchmarking Club

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The “Benchmarking Club for quality in mobility” had started in 2012 and consisted of practitioners in mobility from different educational sectors and provided a mutual learning experience. Key areas of quality of placement mobility were addressed, assuming that the potential of placement mobility for the extension of cooperation between educational organizations and enterprises had not been fully realized yet.
As a result of exchange and discussions the “shortlist of priorities to measure quality in mobility” was produced. To start a fruitful peer learning process the group was divided into two peer learning subgroups according to the similarities and differences in the defined actions (group1 “Intercultural and entrepreneurial (key) skill development including employability issues” and group2 “Development of sustainable and quality partnerships for mobility”). Related to the concrete actions, the BMC members defined SMART peer learning goals in each subgroup in order to make the implementation of their planned actions a success. As a result of the exchange with the peers the defined actions could be reviewed and improved for the own context.
The publication on the “Europemobility Benchmarking Club” is available for Community members here.

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