What is your experience in cooperation with parties in the business world and/or educational providers concerning transnational mobility? What is your best practice?

Aventus is a regional training centre offering VET courses for different sectors. Aventus provides mobility exchange. Dutch students going abroad for their work placements and also foreign students coming to the Netherlands, attending courses at Aventus and/or doing a work placement at a regional company. In the course of time, Aventus was able to gain a lot of experience in this field to foster collaboration with national and international partners, especially companies.

How did the contact between the parties arise?

At first the contacts arose from private contacts with other training centres, teachers, in Europe. Through these contacts (school – school) collaboration with companies abroad was possible.

What have you achieved more in this cooperation model than without the cooperation?

The cooperation with companies through a regional training centre and therefore with one responsible contact person was very desirable. Problems could be solved immediate through that contact person. This concerns problems before the student goes abroad in terms of accommodation, but also during the mobility of the students concerning cultural, health or personal problems of the student.

What difficulties did you experience in the cooperation model?

The problems we have observed were related to language difficulties and barriers and also problems due to the fact that the contact person no longer worked at the training centre and/or the company. So that there was a cut in the communication line.

Mostly, the yield for educational providers and students in cooperation with the business world is clear. What was specifically the yield for the business world in this cooperation model?

The companies had a contact person on scene which is very much appreciated instead of communicating with the sending organisation via email or phone.

Was there a Memorandum of Understanding or a Partnership agreement signed between the (two) parties?

No official documents were signed in order to collaborate. In the meantime Aventus is a member of NETINVET which opened more possibilities, more optional partners abroad.

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