A young entrepreneur in an Hungarian winery


eye A young entrepreneur in an Hungarian winery


Hernyak Winery, Hungary


Young France entrepreneur

Funding Scheme:

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme


To promote an exchange of experiences, best practices and knowledge between a new entrepreneur and an experienced one


he initiative was promoted by the Hernyak Winery in Hungary through the Erasmus for Young entrepreneur programme. The project involved a new entrepreneur from France who has been hosted in an Hungarian winery to learn how to run a wine company. His name is Flavien Nowack and he is a passionate young winegrower who is going to take over his10-hectare-family vineyard in Champagne and would like to add to a white wine called “Blanc de noirs” at their Champagne range. László Hernyák is a fervent experienced winegrower and winemaker. He set up his own family enterprise in 1993. His love for the job led to the founding of a local wine road organization and a local organization of origin control (Etyek Codex). Concerning Flavien, he followed László during his daily work at the winery. His participation in the EYE programme was a unique opportunity not only to benefit from the competences and skills directly transferred by an experienced winegrower, but also to experience a professional mobility abroad and thus to gain the adaptability required by the job nowadays in full upheaval. For László the EYE programme gave him the opportunity to share his passion and exchange practices as well as develop a ground for further cooperation. Flavien participated in the harvest, both in vineyard and in the cellar, and in various other tasks as pruning. He also got involved in the activities linked with wine tourism and gastronomy, which was a new experience for him. He accompanied his Host to the promoting of the Hungarian winegrowing and participated in exceptional tasting events. Other activities have been: conduction marketing research, finding new business opportunities, sharpening the business plan, analyzing business finance and discovering new marketing strategies. At the end of the experience Flavien improved both in practice and theory as well as in tasting, promotioning, sharing working methods and techniques as well with his host’s son – Tamas Hernyák, who previously was an EYE New Entrepreneur in France.


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