WORKSHOP 5 – Comparing Funding Schemes

For whom?

In the framework of Europe 2020 strategy international mobility is becoming one of the key-point to revive the European economy, creating smart, sustainable, inclusive growth and dealing with the problem of youth unemployment.
However, the challenge of enhancing youth and adult mobility carries important financial implications. Raising learning mobility will require higher financial resources. This means that in a period of economic crisis, with its consequent severe public budget constraints, we need a greater shared financial responsibility among all stakeholders, as already reflected in the Bruges communiqué regarding the VET sector.


The objective of the Thematic Commission on Funding schemes is to show how the existing funding schemes work, to improve their functioning and to raise the cooperation between private and public sector in the field of transnational learning mobility.
The objective of the workshop is to share experiences on funding schemes of organizations coming from different backgrounds.
What are the limits or the good practices that educational providers or mobility coordinators have experienced?
What additional sources of funding can be found outside the dedicated European Mobility programs – private funding as well as other public or EU-funding?
The European Social Fund as a mean for mobility for employability – practical experiences from Germany and Sweden.


Workshop Facilitator

Göran Sjöberg and John Gunnarsson, European Minds Evita Marchiori, CBE, Belgium

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