WORKSHOP 4 – Validation of Non- and Informal Learning in Mobility Contexts

For Whom?

Existing validation and certification systems (EUROPASS, EQF, ECVET and ECTS) are rather focusing on formally acquired, cognitive learning outcomes and do not provide substantial evidence on “personal and social competences”. However, especially those transversal competences – amongst others for instance “customer orientation”, “learning to learn”, “intercultural communication”, “teamwork” are of increasing importance in a mobile society. Still, the validation of personal and social competences acquired in learning mobility is rather unknown territory. The project VILMA (Validation of Informal Learning in Mobility Actions), carried out by the REVEAL group between 2011 and 2012, has been working in this field. After a thorough investigation of available approaches on validation of personal and social competences acquired in mobility learning, the consortium developed a modular system to assess and evidence those competences in different mobility actions.The instrument, based on the LEVEL5 system, has been piloted in a series of twelve European mobility actions ranging from the higher education sector (Erasmus), the VET sector (the German IdA programme) to volunteering projects (adult education sector).
This workshop is addressed to policy makers, National Agencies, academic institutions, hosting and sending organisations and learning mobility participants who are interested to learn more about how personal and social competences can be assessed and evidenced.

Why ?

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the value of personal, social and organisational competences acquired in mobility learning. Against the background of the current discussion on validation of learning outcomes the LEVEL5 approach will be presented and applied in the workshop. Questions to be answered • What is the impact of learning mobility in regards to the development of social and personal competences?
• How can the acquisition of those competences be evidenced?
• How can these competences be highlighted in the European certification instruments?


Workshop facilitators

David Lopez, La Ligue de l’enseignement, France Tim Scholze, REVEAL, Germany

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