WORKSHOP 3 – Impact of Learning Mobility

For Whom?

Recent studies have confirmed to a great extent what academic institutions, hosting organisations and mobility scheme participants understood from their own experience. Learning mobility contributes to personal development by boosting people’s skills and employability, breaks down barriers between people and groups, increases respect for diversity, promotes language learning, provides opportunities for collaboration among enterprises, educational institutions and research organizations. The workshop presents the findings of the research undertaken in the 4C project (Coaching for Cross-Cultural Competences) aimed at exploring what learning outcomes and changes can be expected from learning mobility initiatives.
This workshop is addressed to policy makers, academic institutions, hosting organisations and learning mobility participants who are interested in further research regarding the impact of mobility schemes and would like to contribute to the discussion concerning the aspects of learning mobility
schemes that should be further investigated.

Why ?

Further research findings will constitute powerful tools in the hands of policy makers focusing on mobility schemes which can be used for improving and enhancing existing policies. Furthermore, learning mobility supporters will be equipped with substantial evidence with regards to the benefits of learning mobility that can be used for advocating effectively for the expansion of such initiatives. Questions to be answered: What skills and competences are required for a successful mobility experience?
What are the real outcomes of such mobility experiences?
How to measure impact of learning mobility on individuals, on host companies, on educational providers?

Workshop facilitator

Eleni Sophocleous, First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd , Cyprus Cecile Stola, Vera Varhegyi, Elan Interculturel

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