WORKSHOP 2 – ECVET in Learning Mobility

For Whom?

An increasing number of VET providers are promoting mobility exchanges adopting ECVET as term of reference. Learning mobility may consist in study abroad programmes or in a work experience in a different country.
Both scenarios require a strong cooperation between business world and educational providers in order to define curricula and learning outcomes and thus making work placement abroad more transparent. Mutual trust is an important part in this discussion.
The workshop is addressed to companies and educational providers interested in and committed to foster their cooperation in order to successfully adopt ECVET within both learning mobility contexts.

Why ?

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the challenges and the opportunities and benefits of ECVET in mobility experiences, either as study abroad or as work placements abroad.
The workshop focuses on how VET providers and companies can cooperate to define, apply and assess learning outcomes. Based on the assumption that ECVET can make mobility experiences more transparent and transferable to different learning contexts, the workshop will give the opportunity to highlight the prerequisites and the conditions required by companies and by educational providers to ensure smooth and successful implementation.

Workshop facilitators

Elena Hage, KCH International, The Netherlands Stefano Tirati, CSCS, Italy

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