WORKSHOP 1 – Quality Toolbox and the Benchmarking Club

For Whom?

Lifelong learning means that boundaries related to time, place, biography, institutional setting and forms
of learning are dissolving. Promoters of placement mobility used to stay within their educational sector. However new network initiatives such as the Europemobility attempt to cross the boundaries and work on a common objective: “How to ensure both quality and quantity of placement mobility for all learners?”

The Europemobility Thematic Commission of quality in mobility brings representatives from vocational, adult/non-formal and higher education on one table to collect and study existing approaches on quality and to develop common measures to ensure the quality of practical training and to increase the number of learners


Why ?

The purpose of the workshop on “quality in mobility” is twofold:
On the one hand, via presentation, discussion and other interactive working methods, the participants
will become familiar with the work of the thematic commission on quality assurance, especially with the “Quality Observatory and Toolbox”.
On the other hand, the first benchmarking club meeting will take place among practitioners in mobility with the aim of looking at ‘what really counts in mobility’ such as the visibility of extra-competences gained during a placement period abroad.


Workshop facilitators

Pauline van der Bosch, European Vocational Training Association (EVTA), Belgium Thomas Berger, inter.research e.V., Germany

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