KCH International

KCH (International) Centre of Expertise for Vocational Education and Training working in collaboration with companies, trade organizations and the vocational training sector, KCH ensures that the training courses are correctly geared to the relevant occupations and the requirements of the labour market.

To this end, KCH conducts labour market research and develops and maintains the national qualification structure for existing and new occupations in the trade sector.

KCH also develops examinations for the various vocational training courses. In addition, KCH is statutorily responsible for the quantity and quality of work placement opportunities in retail and wholesale companies.

Approximately 40,000 trainees follow a course in the trade sector each year; they fulfill their work placement (BOL) or apprenticeship (BBL) period in 30,000 different work placement companies.

KCH advises these companies on methods and contents of learning-on-the-job.

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