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The Institute inter.research e.V. is a non-profit association, which acts as a link between different academic disciplines and between academic and non-academic organisations. It was founded in 1999 with support of the University Fulda and a regional Software Company.

The institute has gained experiences in a number of interdisciplinary projects at regional and international level in the areas of Computer Mediated Education and university/enterprise mobility. The institute disposes of expertise in the area of management of mobility programmes targeted to students, graduates and entrepreneurs in the framework of programmes such as Erasmus and Leonardo Placements and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs. In cooperation with the University Fulda it operates the central coordination and contact point for EU Placements of a network of 11 Universities ( of the state of Hessen, Germany.
The Institute furthermore acts as a research support office for the University Fulda and runs online courses in its academy ( Those online courses form part of the learning environment of international placements, as each trainee will receive an accompanying intercultural and career training. Thanks to instruments such as the online training the Erasmus and Leonardo mobility projects have received awards as “good practice projects” by the German national agencies (BIBB and DAAD).

The institute furthermore disposes expertise in the area of virtual learning communities, multimedia e-learning modules, (electronic) project management and quality assurance. It is member of working groups at the German Institute of Standardization and ISO, developing E-Learning-Quality Standards. The educational podcast absolutely intercultural ( was co-developed by the Institute and is co-edited by a member of the Institute (Dr. Laurent Borgmann). The Podcast has received awards such as the Edublog award.

The general financial administration is supported by the treasurer and his office (tax consultancy and auditing business), i.e. the project accountancy and the supervision of the project financial management will be done by the treasurers’ office.

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