EVTA is a vocational training network comprised of 18 members from 12 European countries. The EVTA member are all acting in vocational training, representing national training and national employment services. EVTA’s mission is to be a European network that supports its members in their respective answers to the challenges  of growth, competitiveness and social cohesion in the field of vocational training and LLL.

In 2008 three main topics were defined by the EVTA members as priorities:
– upskilling of workers, employability;

– certification  (including the use of ECVET and EQF);

– competence based learning (including work based learning and mobility);

 EVTA has many experiences in mobility. Not in the way of sending and receiving trainees, but in consulting, experimenting among the EVTA members, setting up mobility actions and other European in the field of mobility and creating synergies with other projects and initiatives, using European reference tools like Europass, EQARF, ECVET and EQF etc.

EVTA has developed, together with the EVTA members, the European mobility portal EUMOVE. www.eumoveabroad.eu, with work placements, information, preparatory units and tools for all trainees who are interested in doing a part of their training abroad. It is a portal for trainees, companies, tutors and trainers, who want to contribute to a better and more attractive VET.

This portal is fully based onthe EQARF quality indicators and contains sectoral databases with certified work placement companies, al over Europe. At this moment the system is operation for the sectors hospitality (hotel & restaurant, tourism, bakery, facility services) and care, welfare and sports. The system is supported by a European network of “national and regional agents” which act as an ambassador and contact person in their country.

EVTA web site

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