European Minds

European Minds offers support in developing EU strategies, EU applications, transnational projects and partnerships. We also deliver project support services like monitoring and ongoing evaluation.

European Minds is responsible in Sweden at national level for the technical assistance office of European Social Fund Transnational Measures.

The characteristics of European Minds are
– Working in a close relationship with our customers with a clear focus on results and effects.
– Building teams with our customers where we provide complementary competence.
– Supporting learning processes focusing capacity building and models for continuous improvement.

European Minds is the largest independent EU consulting company in Sweden with more than fifteen years’ experience from working in the EU arena. This gives us a unique understanding of the structures and the processes of the EU organisation.

European Minds Sweden is firmly rooted in a transnational context, thus helping enterprises, organisations and authorities to recognise the opportunities of a European and indeed international co-operative approach. Emphasis is laid upon knowledge and competence, network and contacts, project development and management, business ideas and financing. For us, it is utterly important to bring added value to the processes at hand and to give a relevant informative perspective on transnational co-operation. Based on the experience from fifteen years of transational cooperation, European Minds has a worldwide network that includes partners in all member countries and organisations being part of the European Union.

The main office is located in Lulea, the capital city of the northernmost region of Sweden, but you will also find our offices in seven other cities in Sweden.

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