Euro Apprenticeship

Euro Apprenticeship

Euroapprenticeship is a project aiming at building and developing a network of competent bodies and intermediary organisations which provides expertise, information, help and support to any learning mobility project promoted by Vocational Education and Training providers, for the benefit of skilled crafts companies and of apprentices.

Euroapprenticeship is not a programme directly dedicated to apprentices, since it does not directly provide money for mobility projects and it does not propose direct placements for young people. But it provides information and contacts to find the right support and the best adapted solutions for each young people.

EuroApprenticeship consists of a web-based collaborative platform through which you will find access to specific information, tools supporting mobility, agenda, newsletter, peer learning activities and networking seminars, acting like a “club” for members joining it. To develop and monitor its own activities, the EuroApprenticeship Network established an Observatory which will provide indications about the evolutions of the image or “brand awareness” of mobility, through a periodical EuroApprenticeship Barometer, after collecting and analysing data concerning qualification systems and framework, alternated training systems and methods, mobility programmes, mobility data and figures. In order to give more visibility to learning mobility and to valorise the role of VET providers and companies EuroApprenticeship wants to create and disseminate a “Trademark” for European Mobility of Apprentices, providing specific communication tools (logo, visual aid, quality charters, etc.).

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