Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe GEIE

Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe (CBE) – EEIG was founded as an initiative of some banks wishing to develop information services and advice on community programs and assist their clients in various fields related to internationalization, such as, for example, participation in public procurement and the business partners research.

Since 1992 CBE has carried out intensive information activities and assistance for members and their clients on several fields: rules on competition and state aid, actions of the Structural Funds, liberalization of public procurement, funding programs for investments in third countries, business partners research and research and development.

Furthermore, CBE has participated in several programs funding by European Union such as “Advice” that is was a training course developed with the aim of offering bank staff that deal with business customers, effective training and information on how to assist them in obtaining community funding. The course consisted in a series of easy-to-read modules (using advanced distance-learning methods) to a total of 250 pages, together with practical guidance, a handbook and a computerized self-assessment system.  “Eurotrain”, for supporting member Banks and their clients, especially enterprises, on the impact of the Euro (single currency). The project was co-financed by the European Union and focused on training for bank staff and SMEs managers. CBE has also participated in the MedEuropa project (E-content). The main aim was to ensure easy access by all members of society (SMEs, financial institutions and the general public) to practical information on the European Union in digital format and remove the main obstacles to the creation of European digital information services on global networks.

CBE main activities are to provide information and advice services on EU funding programs and assist clients in different fields related to the internationalization of businesses, such as, participation in public contracts and finding business partners.

The specific role in the project consist in identifying financial products and services from the banking system which could support and complement current existing public funding streams for learning mobility.

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