Europemobility Network aims to support the European Commission in implementing the Action Plan of the Bruges Communiqué. In this context, recognition plays a prevalent role, especially concerning European transparency tools such as Europass, the European Qualification Framework, the European Credit System for VET (ECVET) and the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET (EQAVET). These are reflected in the strategic objectives 4 and 8: “Developing a strategic approach to the internationalisation of I-VET and C-VET and promoting international mobility” and “Coordinated governance of European and national instruments in the area of transparency, recognition, quality assurance and mobility” Another aspect of the Communiqué is the promotion of “equity, social cohesion and active citizenship” (p.15). Since Europemobility supports a transversal approach to learning, which includes the VET but also the higher and non-formal education sector, the link between formal and non-formal learning and especially the recognition of skills and competences acquired through non- and informal learning will also be part of this Thematic Commission. Therefore, the aim of the Thematic Commission on Recognition is to identify and bring together stakeholders and key players from various fields of recognition in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives outlined in the Bruges Communiqué.

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