Funding Schemes

Thematic Commission on Funding Schemes aims at involving and influencing relevant stakeholders in the field of private and public funding for learning mobility. The workshops are an opportunity to get feedback from experts in this field, at the same time they are an opportunity to involve and influence important stakeholders, who play a role in cross sector partnerships among educational sectors, educational providers and business world. The stakeholders target groups are both from VET, higher education and the non formal training sector as well as those representing the private banking system. The aim is to set up a discussion with the relevant stakeholder in this field and derive information from their perspective. The workshop should contribute to observations and recommendations about how to organize better the funding on learning mobility, improving the cooperation between European, national and local fund, as well as between public and private sector. During the workshops, where relevant and possible, brief interviews with stakeholders will be carried out in order to clarify statements or opinions of speakers, or to go more into depth in technical and/ or strategic issues. It is envisaged to produce and publish on project web site, short videos from the interviews to Case Studies representatives and to invite stakeholders responsible for relevant initiatives to share and publish on Europemobility Network web site additional materials and videos describing their initiatives. The TC will link its workshops with existing initiatives of different network.

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