Cooperation Models

The objective of the Thematic Commission is to contribute to the improvement of the cooperation between the business world and the educational providers in the field of transnational learning mobility. The Thematic Commission also foresees to promote synergies between Higher Education, VET and Non Formal and Informal Education in the field of learning mobility and the promotion of work placements abroad. The overall aim is to promote the exploitation of existing successful cooperation models and initiate competence building processes via Europemobility Network workshops and publications. The Thematic Commission will document with Case Studies relevant initiatives based on the adoption adoption of successful cooperation models, innovative actions and procedures showcased by Europemobility Network. The Thematic Commission on “Cooperation Models” will showcase successful initiatives, analysing their conditions and characteristics, with the purpose of documenting the impact of transnational learning mobility, with specific focus on work placements abroad, on 3 key policy areas: 1) Curriculum Development: how transnational mobility can inform decision makers and educational managers on the definition of competencies and curriculum. 2) Entrepreneurship: how transnational mobility can boost entrepreneurial education and culture and key competencies. 3) Making learning mobility an opportunity for all: raising the number of work placements abroad by ensuring attractiveness, mutual trust, easy and effective procedures

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